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So I haven't updated though I come on here often. The last time I posted I got visited by the mother of a voice actor. Let's see if I can get an actual voice actor this time. *crosses fingers* (I'd really love to be visited by Crispin Freeman sans pants.) :)

I've also put it in LJ cuts because I finally figured out how to make them.

Life's handed me a few lemons and I've run out of sugar to make lemonade.Collapse )

World of Levelingcraft! Or Sean get off my account kthxbye!Collapse )

Writing is easy, sit at a keyboard and let a vein.Collapse )

Look at all the pretty shows! And all the pretty KHR boys! ^o^Collapse )

Now for something completely different. Metalocalypse, WO2, and DW6Collapse )

Alright done fangirling. Gonna go watch a few more series and maybe I'll post up some reviews. Get my writing juices flowing so I can try to think of a plot.

Finally a show I can't wait to see, Cat Shit One. Yes, that's the title. Look it up on Youtube. Bunnies with sniper rifles, I can't wait.

Posted here and IJ.
Don't know how to do an LJ cut so pardon the length.

So life update cause I never post here. I'm working at a super, sucky job making minimum wage because let's face it, it's Michigan and there's no jobs. I am applying for the unemployment extension, cause I make more with that then working 40 hours at my crappy job. <.< Sad I know.

So life sucks and I can't convince one of my roomies (my brother....) that we should pack up and move to greener pastures. I hear Montana's nice. Or Oregon... Washington... Arizona...ANYWHERE!!

The end of November is my 10 year high school reunion, oh the joy. It's at a bar. You have to love the people I graduated with, other people rent a hall and bring booze my class just gets the booze and doesn't bother with food, or seats, or anything really. Just booze.

I love them all. NOT!! The few people I would want to see aren't going and frankly the rest of them can drink till they don't wake up. I should probably say I HATED high school with a firey, burning passion I usually reserve for Republicans.

Speaking of, I'm voting for Hillary Clinton cause let's face it, she should have gotten the nomination. What the Democrats should have done is Hillary for 4-8 and then Obama for 4-8. That would have been 16 years of Democratic control if they didn't screw it up, but this is politics they always screw it up. This election is again a choice of dumb and dumber. Puppet 1 or puppet 2. Just know one's a socialist and the other's a capitalist, you're good. That being said I think I'll write in Kermit the Frog instead. At least we can all see where the hand goes to make his mouth move.

In better news we're going to Youmacon and I can't wait. It's the one con I'm going to this year cause.. we're broke. That and Anime Central's guest list sucked.. it was FMA con and I would have stabbed people, cause I can't stand rabid FMA fans. They frighten me. So we're going to go up there and toss popcorn at Caitlin Glass for screwing Ouran up. Thank you Caitlin for giving Vic a part... the lead part. Are you two dating? Can I sleep with you and get a part in an anime? (These will be the questions asked at the panel.) Oh and thanks for getting Kyouya's voice actor right... damn good pick. *thumbs up*

Now for the big, huge announcement... we got a car!!! Yes, a real working car!!! Here's the best part.. for FREE!!! Yes! FREE!!!! Let me explain.

Last year my car got repo'ed when I didn't have a job and was making no money. The sad thing.. I had paid them a day earlier and they still repo'ed the car, so I cancelled the transaction. <.< Bastards.

Anyway we were without car for a few months then in May we bought a coworkers car.


The steering was screwed up and it needed a front end allignment and let's not forget the car was a 1986 Plymouth LS. Yes the damn thing was over 20 years old and looked it. Whatever..it was a car and drove right? Right?

Wrong! -_-

So the allignment was really, really bad. And the muffler was falling off. Which I didn't know. So my father and I are down there looking at the muffler when we discover the gasline is not secure inside the car, but ducktaped up under the car....and it's a rubber hose.... yeah. The car is officially called 'The Bomb' after this. Cause it is.

Doesn't matter though the muffler falls off and I barely make it home. The muffler sits on the ground in two pieces attached to my bomb for about 3 weeks as we work up the money to have it towed and fixed. Well during this time our apartment complex comes through and marks/tows every car they judge to be in inoperable repair or not tagged and they give you 24 hours to fix the problem. (Mind you my AC didn't work again and I had to complain for two months this time before they fixed it, but the damn maintance men have the time to ticket my car. Bastards)

So they tow the clunker, we watched it go away and waved. So I find out that it's going to cost $345 to get it back. <.< I don't think so. We let them have it. So no car again.

Which brings me to Saturday, my aunt asks us to come over. She needs things moved, so my brother and I go over, and we're expecting to do some heavy lifting. Nope, no heavy lifting. Instead she gives us her Lumina that she doesn't need anymore. Seems that my aunt and parents have been working on this for a few months while we were dealing the the Bomb. ^.^ So I have a car. An in good shape car! A dependable car! Concept!

I'm so looking for another job now! I've already put in for Spirit and I'm going to keep looking into airline jobs, or just jobs that don't require dealing with the public en masse.

So I have a car. I'm going to Youmacon and it's right up the street (still have a hotel though), and I'm now looking for a new job. That and I'm going to try to write my NANO this year. I have it pretty much ready and if I write all 50,000 words I get two anime series!
I'm addicted to yaoi porn...actually I'm addicted to fanfiction, porn or not. Period.

Just thought you should know.

And also my brother would like to add that I am a fat, whore for eating all five candy bars over several days; and he didn't get any. (I ate like one a day.. they were sitting there, and he didn't eat any, and they were melting...fing slow poke)

He's calling our mother about it right now. No, I'm not joking. Wish I was. That and I don't have a car (it's in the shop) so we can't get food, cause we have no ride and we all hate McDonalds so we're not walking there.

The heat does odd things to people...it's 87 in our apartment right now... we're all a little fried. I think I'm gonna go sit in a cold shower right now. Pity that computers aren't waterproof. Then I could read my yaoi porn.

For all my Harry Potter friends... good god damn does that series pull you back in. I stopped reading and now I'm reading again and there's so much fanfiction.....damn you JKR for making this lovely world we like to play in.. Damn YOU!!!!


Delerious from the heat.

ps... my brain is fried...
I've beat my floor up and I'm sure my neighbors under me are really happy about me doing so at 3 in the morning. Why am I so pissed, well I HAD a site on geocities that I've had for 10 years. Just some random fan things over the years. And I checked on it a few months ago and it was there. I went on today to fix some things up and it's gone.

Completely gone!!!

Just when I was going to use the damn thing to rp, it's gone. I'm gonna go cry now. Just tons of stuff over the years I've put on geocities cause my computers like to randomly wipe and it's all gone... I'm so angry. It wasn't even just deactivated and I would just have to restart it.. oh no it's completely gone.

I have to go get some schmirnoff.

Hey I know there's very few people on my flist but since I know you girls like your fanfiction I'm gonna warn ya.  Especially you Vivian, though I'm sure you've already taken steps to protect yourself.  I hope the PoT community is battening down the hatches so to speak, since the HP fandom got hit. 

Quick recap of what's been happening.  A group of people, Warriors of Innocence, made a large public claim against livejournal.  To remove the journals advocating child molestation or they were going to their ad sponsors.  LJ at first defended us saying that as long as no crime had taken place they were powerless to stop the speech of it's users.  This group got LJ's back against a wall and now they've deleted communities that have things like incest, chan, shota, slash, rape, noncon, and other things in their interests.  Many were writing communities that were breaking no rules in WRITING works of FICTION on these subjects.  One pornish_pixies was a four year old fanwork archive.  Lolita also came up and one spanish site discussing the book has been deleted.  So to my jrock fans spread the word to change your favorites.  So p;lease edit your favorites and place freedom_of_speech or other similarly worded interests. 

Many are trying to find a legal leg to stand on, however I feel a financial protest will be our best bet. Also change down to a basic non-ad supported accout and tell them why when you add to their comments of why you've changed to an unsupported account.  Money is the only thing that talks.  If you have a paid account call the company and talk to sales explaining why you won't be renewing.  I'm thinking of starting Greatest Journal.    


So you know how I've been really stressed over the fact that ACEN doesn't seem to know about our registration.  I finally got an answer.  It's from an assistant head that was brought over from Panel programming.  

Here's my pm to her.


Let me start off by saying thanks for coming over and helping registration. I'm gonna guess this place is a madhouse. Anyway I've emailed registration@acen.org and regsupport@acen.org which I never received replys from. So I apologize if I'm a bit short. I finally started pm'ing the conchair about this and got a response. He hasn't answered me back so I'm gonna contact you.

On March 24th I mailed in my group's registration for tier 1. Group Happy Buddhas. There were 10 people all with the request to mail their badge. With the 10% discount it was 37.50 per person. I sent in a check for 375.00, with the name Crystal *****. Since my group was locked at the time I sent in a confirmation page with all of our information on it. I couldn't send the actual order form cause the group was locked and I couldn't get it to print.

I waited for the check to clear. It didn't. I checked the boards and others were saying their checks also didn't clear. So I wasn't too concerned cause there are times when my bank will take a while to cash a check. So I emailed acen on April 19th. No response. I've emailed them again when the badge fiasco started wondering if my registration had been in the bulk mailout. No response again.

I did actually start to get a response from the conchair but he said he needed me to email him a copy of my cashed check. My problem is the check was never cashed. Was something wrong with it? Did you even get it? That's all I really want to know. I just want to know if I'm gonna have to explain that our registration got lost in the mail, or whatever happened to it.

So sorry for the long winded post. Any help would be appreciated. I will be making margaritas and other drinks sometime during the weekend over this, feel free to stop on by.

Real Name Crystal 
Badge Name AnimeAddictAnonymous

Thank You,


Thankfully I actually got an answer.

"Because of the fact that the check never cleared, I cannot do anything for you up tot he convention. However I say bring the checkbook with that check and speak with registration staff, most likely the head who is unreachable jerk and see if you at the very least can obtain your badges at the re-registration rate. If you wish to speak with me, my name is nice lady who actually answers emails and can be found in panel programming.

Unfortunately you are not the only one who has had that issue and they seem to be from approximately the same time as well. I would like to help you to the best of my abilities though. hopefully we can get you taken care of at the convention. "

I'm happy that I was answered but now I'm kinda worried.  I'm not the only person and we're all from the same time frame... !?!?!?!?  WTF?  Red flags are going off in my head over this statement.  Maybe it's my paranoid self but that doesn't look right.  I'd understand if people spread over a 9 month period slip through the cracks, but all in the same time period?  That's worriesome.  I don't want to have to put a hold on the check, it's $32, but I just might have to.  I might even have to redo my checking account now cause they have all my info.  I mean think about it, our check was for close to $400.  A couple of those and I'm set for a while.  Crap now I'm paranoid.  

Just so we're clear now.  We don't have to stand in the long line.  I'm gonna go talk to them in the pre-registration area.  Cause we did prereg, the mail or other nefarious forces prevented our payment from being received.
If you didn't get your confirmation, don't worry I'm printing out Montana's and Patti's and will have them in Chicago. 
In other news I'm going to be making costumes till I have to drive to ACEN.  Then I'll probably be making costumes there too.  Oh and I love my new icon.  It frightens me, yet I love the pairing so yay!!
And not in a good way.   I've decided that I'm going to sue Acen over mental and emotional distress.  These bastards haven't contacted me despite the several, very nicely worded I might add, emails I've sent to them throughout the month.  So I post on the forums and they ignore my little message.  Answer other people, but not me.

Oh here's a kicker.  If you don't have your badge, even though they mailed them late, you have to pay a $25 replacement fee.  Yeah.  Add to that, that no one has gotten their badge yet and I'm thinking this is one huge scam.  I'm thinking that these people are gonna get sued.  They claim to be a nonprofit organization, yet are acting like they're a business.  So I think the lawsuit is gonna be impressive.  

So this is the last year I'm going to Acen.  It's not worth the headache.  There are plenty of other better run cons throughout the country and Anime North is in Toronto and two weeks later.  So this is it.  I've gone five times, but I can't find the ability at present to even muster the desire to go again.  If Kirk Thorton wasn't gonna be there I'd say fuck this year too.  

On a side note... anyone want to help me start a convention here in the Detroit area?  I know we have youmacon, but I have a feeling there's a lot of untapped people out there that would come to a convention here in michigan.
So we're not going to have Tuesday night this week coming up cause my parents have invited us to go to Frankenmuth with them and my grandparents for free.  I haven't seen my grammy and grampy for a few years so we're going.  We have to leave at 8am in the morning on Wednesday so we won't be hosting on Tuesday night.   Yay free trip!!

Oh and my brother and I are trying out the Lord of the Rings Online game.  Yes I know we're dorks so what.  It's actually pretty good as far as online games go.   We finally go a profession on one of our characters.. farming.   Yeah there's about 6 different types of weed on it. YOu know the type Hobbits smoke.

I love this game.  I'm farming drugs as a part of the economy.  

This equals the Brandy drinking in Star Wars to make you smarter.  No I'm not joking.  Gotta love online games.

So went and watched the Turtle movie as a pressie from my brother.  YAY!!!!   This movie was so gay it wasn't Leo/Raph undertones.. oh no it was blatantly obvious they'll be having sex tonight bitches!!

As you can imagine I'm very happy.  I'm geeking out right now and while the movie had a few plot holes that you could drive mack trucks through all in all it was a decent flick. 

 I only have two complaints Splinter's voice which grates on you whenever the rodent speaks.                                                                   


 ... Though hearing Splinter say he needs to watch his stories and them being soap operas was pretty damn entertaining.  The second is when the hell did April Oneil become a ninja?!?

WTF?  Suddenly she's a good enough ninja to take on Karai and hit her?  Karai took over for Shredder she's a match for Leo, since when did the Reporter possess leet ninja skills?  Huh?   The what?  Two years that we've not seen them she's become a Mary Sue?  

My brother would like to add there should of been more Donny.  And where the fuck have the monsters been for 3000 years?  I'm sure someone, somewhere would have found these fuckers and killed a few.  Especially in this techno world we live in.  These bitches should have been in cages at the local zoo.   


In other news my fish benny is jumping a lot.  I had to put a plate over his vase cause the little bastard is trying to commit betacide.


Well I lost my job, or will lose my job fairly soon.  Like on Monday.   So I'm kinda sad.  Not really about losing the job though, which tells me that I've been there way too long.   But the not going to Japan in August part.   Which might still happen depending on if I can get enough old coworkers to take us.  It'll up the price a bit, but it'd be worth it. 

So yeah... I gotta go buy a paper to look at the want ads now.  

Oh on Wednesday we're not going to Great Lakes Crossing.  We'll go to MJR though to see a movie with you guys for Tochi and Duo's b-day.  

OMFG two posts in two days.